100% domestic Him-Chan Sea eel dredged up
from clean Tong-young sea.
No need for trimming, Easy to cook.

Choi confidently recommends domestic Him-Chan Sea eel - A special sauce with savory eel cannot be tasteless!
Taste natural and tasty trimmed eel at home.

point 01
100% Domestic, 100% Natural!

Natural sea eel is picked and packed only in golden size.

point 02
Easily cookable trimmed eel!

It is easily cookable nutritious food with no need for trimming and washing head, organs, and big bones.

They are eliminated in advance. To taste the original taste of eel, it is cleaned and then frozen-packed.

point 03
Easy and tasty Sea eel dish with Choi Jun Yong’s special sauce!

Power up! Meet our teriyaki sauce and Korean hot pepper sauce flavored with domestic raspberries.

Special sauce amazingly add flavor to the eel dish.

point 04
The strong energy of the eel raises appetite in hot summer!

Sea eel contains protein, calcium amino acid and vitamin A / B1 / B2, so you can get both taste and nutrition.

Enjoy Him-Chan Sea eel in various recipes!
Choi recommends.