Stamina health food from Sea,
Him-Chan Small Octopus
Perfect for a meal of our family!

Are you troubled by being tired in hot summer without special health food?

Him-Chan Small Octopus is a perfect stamina health food for our family.

point 01
​Perfect dish for reviving appetite!

6 in 1 pack! Absolute for a meal of our family!

point 02
Fresh and easy!

No worries for trimming and washing!
Take freshly prepared octopus at 35cm out of the freezer and cook it easily!
Natural octopuses are quickly frozen and freshness remains!

point 03
​Power up! Spicy sauce made with 100% Domestic raspberries

Taste unique raspberry sauce made with 100% domestic raspberries. Gourmet Choi confidently suggests this raspberry sauce with octopuses! Either spicy or sweet sauce is not enough! 
Please enjoy amazing harmony of sweet spicy taste and raspberry sauce.

Enjoy Him-Chan octopus with family in various recipes!
​Octopuses raising an appetite! Choi recommends!