Tasty & Spicy! Boiled cutlass fish dish
We will introduce you Him-Chan Cutlass fish from clean Atlantic ocean selected by Gourmet Choi.

My family’s favorite, cutlass fish dish. Are you worrying about the high price?
But when you bought, There might have been only a bunch of thorns not a flesh.
Then, the answer is Him-Chan Cutlass fish of Choi Jun Yong Market.

point 01
Thick flesh!

Thick and savory flesh. Premium-sized Cutlass fish! 

point 02
Everybody’s loving it!

Kids also love cutlass fishes! Wonderful dish for whole family~

point 03
So simple!

Head, tail, organs are eliminated ahead so you can just simply cook.

Him-Chan Cutlass fish both has taste and nutrition at once!
Choi recommends.