Russian Red Snowcrab
Complete your special dinner table with well-stuffed Russian Red Snow Crab.

The soft texture of the thick inner skin and savory crab meat, the freshness and the nutrition as well as the juicy gravy remain intactly! Enjoy the delicious Red Snow Crab at an affordable price!

point 01
The easiest way to enjoy Red Snow Crab!

5 minutes in boiling water without any extra care, you can taste the Red Snow Crab with chewy texture.
The shell and intestines are removed ahead, and it is packed in half with the legs and trunk with full flesh so

that everybody can cook easier.

point 02
The freshness of the Russian sea remains intact!

The living crabs are washed, cut, cooked, and frozen on board to keep the best freshness intact.

point 03
Full of nutrition in crab meat!

Chewy and gooey! It is full of nutrition such as protein, vitamins and calcium, making it a perfect health food

for our children.
[Source - National standard table of food composition]

An amazing crab dish for wonderful dinner with family and friends!
Choi Jun Yong highly recommends.