Wine and dine with Canada Lobster
​Enjoy plentiful lobsters simply at home! 

Fleshy and tasty lobsters dredged up from Gulf of Saint Lawrence, North Atlantic!

Gourmet Choi proudly recommends for your Brilliant year-end meal.

Unbelievable composition set! Feel free to enjoy plump and fleshy Canada lobster with joy. 

point 01
A kingdom of lobsters, Canada!

Canada Lobster has hard shell with soft flesh, and is being fished from clean coastal water depth 200m

or less of the North Atlantic well-known as the world largest lobster production site.

point 02
Only lobster of 500g or more with full of plump flesh is selected!

Perfect size for home-cooking, savory and soft texture of flesh, and sweet flavor of organs!

You can feel all of them as they are.

point 03
At home is enough! More delicious, more abundant at reasonable prices!

Only 5 minutes on boiling water, the whole family can enjoy a big lobster dinner! As a gift from the ocean,

Lobster has both marvelous taste and full of nutrition such as Protein, phosphorus, calcium, etc.

Delicious anytime, abundant anywhere,
Canada Lobster!
Choi recommends.