Value creation as a New Branded Entertainment
ALLBOX with NO manufacturing facilities is ranked No.1 in food sales part of CJ Oshopping
No 1
Based on CJ O-shopping sales in 2016

Over the past decade, ALLBOX has evolved into a new concept platform that grafted entertainer and brand. As a combined model of brand and entertainment that couldn't be easily achieved by anyone, ALLBOX is a company with powerful innovation capabilities for consumers. Leveraging global digital platforms for research, development, marketing, sales and distribution, we have been much more competitive in quality, speed, and price improvement in short time.
ALLBOX will drive innovation and growth as a new branded entertainment leader in the era of the 4th Industrial

Revolution, where everything is connected and intelligent. For this all plans, We are going to expand our new business portfolio, and pursue full-scale future growth through innovative strategies based on talents.




ALLBOX Know-how
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Complete New Concept Brand
New Additional
Entertainment Business

ALLBOX’s platform has a know-how to manage seamless distribution,

branding and entertainment.